Joey de Leon’s Heartfelt Promise to Francis M Revealed During Wake Interview

Joey de Leon’s interview at Francis Magalona’s wake has recently resurfaced on social media, following the Pinoy Pawnstar episode that discussed the alleged second family of the Master Rapper.

In the 2009 interview broadcasted on Saksi, Joey revealed that he maintained active communication with Francis even as the latter battled Leukemia. However, Joey mentioned he was unable to respond to Francis’ messages because he was unfamiliar with using a phone at that time.

“I can’t disclose the content of his final text to me,” Joey shared. “I told some colleagues that I might share it in time; it’s a bit mischievous.”

“Someday, maybe I’ll whisper it to you, it’s amusing, it’s amusing,” he added.

Joey made a solemn pledge to honor his colleague’s final wish.

“I will follow it, I will follow it,” he affirmed.

Netizens speculated that Joey may have alluded to a secret during the interview.

“That’s why he sometimes pays attention to women’s clothing,” Joey remarked.

Recalling events from a few days ago, former flight attendant Abegail Rait asserted that she had a romantic relationship with Francis and even had a baby girl.

Written by EDITOR NP

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